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The Hashmi Goals


Below are our correlated core goals over the next hundred years to contribute from our side for having a more sustainable future.

"Creativity follows commitment"

The Hashmi Global Educational System

We are committed to developing the world's most comprehensive educational system, which will have multiple dimensions. Our aim is to design a system that can enable a group of five individuals to establish a small town with an annual economic output of at least one million dollars, simply by studying it.

To achieve this objective, we plan to establish 100,000+ schools worldwide and educate 100 million young people with The Hashmi Board of Education over the next century. This ambitious initiative is intended to pave the way for the realization of our goal.

The Hashmi Global Healthcare

We are committed to offering affordable, high-quality healthcare services to one billion individuals worldwide. To accomplish this, we are utilizing telemedicine technology and intend to establish 100,000+ hospitals globally.

The Hashmi Global
Geo-Political Unity

Our objective is to narrow the divide between extreme left and right-wing views, and to facilitate the formation of more than 20 international alliances among over 50 nations. We are actively pursuing this goal.

The Hashmi Global
Impact Investment Goals

The cornerstone of our efforts to achieve our goals is financial resources. Our strategy entails investing $100 billion globally to establish and support numerous venture capital funds, private equity funds, startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), hospitals, schools, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), universities, research and development initiatives, and human capital formation programs.

The Hashmi Global Military Alliances

We firmly believe that unity is a key to success, and forming global military alliances is crucial to preventing any hindrances in achieving our objectives. Therefore, we are actively striving to establish over 10 international military alliances among more than 50 nations in the next century.

The Hashmi Global
Entrepreneurship Development

We recognize the significant role that entrepreneurship development programs play in fostering economic and overall societal growth, both among educated and uneducated populations. As such, we have devised a plan to aid in the development of 10 million entrepreneurs worldwide over the next century.

The Hashmi Global

We firmly believe that the future will be defined by digital technology, and that it is imperative for the youth of today to possess a high level of digital literacy. To this end, we have set a target of integrating cyber skills into our educational system, and aim to train 10 million exceptional engineers worldwide over the next century.

The Hashmi Global
Personal Development Goals

We hold the belief that printing money is not a viable solution to address crises, and that the only sustainable solution for global development is to cultivate a highly skilled population that strives for self-improvement on a daily basis - intellectually, socially, physically (in terms of endurance, flexibility, and strength), and spiritually - to become better versions of themselves every day. Such development will not only be advantageous for individuals but also for the betterment of society as a whole.

As such, we have set a target of integrating personal development programs into our educational system for all age groups and professional roles.

The Hashmi Global
Universal Weapon & Nuclear Weapon Goals

We believe that having a weapon is a right of every healthy mind on this planet and ease of access to personal weapons should be there for mentally healthy people on this planet. We also believe having a nuclear weapon is very important for the peace of this planet inorder to prevent any intereference in acheiving all The Hashmi Goals. 

We are working towards helping in providing legally weapon access to 100 million people all over the globe.

The Hashmi Form of Government

Democracy only works when people are intelligent enough to take right decisions for themselves and we do not believe that any population of any country is intelligent enough to take decision for themselves as mass behaviour can be molded very easily by social engineering

The Hashmi Mass Media & Social Engineering

We believe that social engineering can be a valuable tool for the advancement of the global population. As such, we have developed a comprehensive plan to promote our goals through mass media and social engineering techniques. Our goal is to establish a network that will reach four billion people worldwide and raise awareness about the importance of a sustainable future and our objectives.

The Hashmi De-Centralization

We believe that achieving our goals and promoting overall global welfare requires us to adopt decentralization for the global financial system. Therefore, we aim to integrate comprehensive information about decentralization in our educational system and increase awareness about its benefits.


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